Facebook Ad difference via "Boost" Post and "Create Ads"

what’s the difference? will one disappear after you stopped the ad and the other one doesn’t which is the boost post?

The level of targeting and many more. Pretty sure FB themselves gives you plenty more info. And you can also do a test yourselves to see the diff

“Boost post” is usually used for getting engagement on that FB post. There are simple targeting options, like audience’s age and interests.

“Create ads” will give you many more options, it’s used for advanced targeting, usually when you try to sell something so you need to narrow the audience as much as possible. Of course, you don’t won’t to narrow it too much or your ad will reach no one.

What do you want to accomplish with FB ads?


Hello friend
Boost post is use Facebook ads api
But we suggest you use boost post if you use PPE

Boost post is the same as creating a campaing under post engagement config

Both options are for same purpose. However, you click on boost, you can directly launch to campaign & creating ads, you have to create ad text for that.

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Well right now I want the engagement and grow my FB page. But I noticed when creating ads, those ads disappears and doesn’t stay after budget runs out. So for create ads, it goes away after budget is done right

So if I upload a video on FB and I want to use create ad, does the video disappears when my budget is gone and I’m done promoting it