Facebook Ad Mastery Courses

So I know there are a TON of courses out there for mastering Facebook Ads. I’m wondering if any of you have recommendations on a certain course, or if you’ve had a great experience with a certain course.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


+1 I’m actually looking for courses/info on selling Facebook Ad management to clients. But an updated Facebook ad guide/help would be nice too. Last time I blew money on FB ads was with the shopify dropshipping craze of 2017.


It is full on the forum, just search :slight_smile:

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Great, thank you!

THANK YOU! Amazing resource

Check out Jordan Schumacher on youtube, probably the best updated FB ads course I’ve seen… and it’s FREE! :grin:


Check Billy Willson on youtube. Very Great content


Thank you for the info!

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Great, thank you!

I’d stay away from facebook bro organic reach is dead.


Facebook ads are not though. There is lots of money to be made for SMM in advertising so doing some courses would be beneficial especially now with the IG armageddon

Yeah I run about 100k a week in ads(for credibility sakes) The no.1 resource for me is having (as cliché as it sounds) mentors.

However to get started Cat Howell courses have good content. But depending on what ads you’re running, e-com, course sales, local lead gen, event reg’s? As each niche we run different styles of ads and use different techniques to get the best ROI

Let me know dude


I recommend Gabriel Saint’s and Christopher Waller’s Ecom course. + their free content on youtube. They show you what really works right now.
If you don’t want to support them, you can find both of their courses for free online.

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( freecourser.com)

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Check out the guys:

Tim Burton
Depesh Mandalia (Ha also has a great FB group)

The gods of advertising.


+1 for this guy


this one is really good… went thru the videos… thank you

Second vouch for Depesh Mandalia and Tim Burton

Also great: Cat Howell, Nick Shackleford

please if you have courses on your pc you could repost it on MEGA because the link has been removed