Facebook Adding Friends

How many friends can you add on facebook without hitting a Block or suspension ?

I dont know the exact number but I suggest you to request friends of your already friends, people from your area or with mutual interests.

Just had to upload a photo, how long does fb take to review?

Agree with other poster you have to make sure it’s people in your network or they will think it’s something spammy

Are you wanting to add targeted friends (presuming yes) or simply add friends for warming?

You can add suggested friends if it’s only for the sake of warming, which may just be other bot accounts or overseas accounts depending on where you’ve bought the accounts. I’ve found that’s useful for safely warming the accounts and to build a legitimate looking number of friends on the account to start with.

But then if you want real targeted people you would want to do what is mentioned above. I haven’t done much of this (yet) but when I have done it the accounts have added people in same location and the accounts have liked some pages in that niche or joined groups. If you can, if you’re targeting by Page Likers or Group Members then very simply join/like those groups/pages and you’d expect that will help. I had accounts that were adding 20-30 people per day safely and they weren’t really set up all that great so I didn’t get heaps of friends accept I don’t think, but they didn’t really hit friend request blocks (which apparently you can, especially if you spam random requests and don’t go many people accept). So I think you can probably warm up to doing 20-30 per day, and then just test some doing more in case it works for you. And target similar people.

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Its depend on your profile, if you have send friend request to unknown person like you send friend request to person who not in your friend of friend list and live in another country. It look like you are spammy. So I suggest you to at one time login you send 10 friend request. There are no limits of adding friends in facebook you have 3000 real friend then you can add them.

Better is that them to add you :slight_smile:

That’s true, but can you share some insight on how to actually make that happen?

Make sure your account profile does not look spammy, I can pick out the spam quickly they get reported sooner than later.

This guide might help

and even that is lvl 2 ahah :sob:

You need good acceptance rate to not get blocked