Facebook Adds/Business Support

Hi Guys! So yesterday I started a Facebook business page and started running some adds, for Facebook business accounts support is there still the option to chat with live support agents or has Facebook removed that feature? Thanks.

Yep seems to be gone

URL was https://www.facebook.com/business/form/chat but now redirects to the default support center

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Ah yes, It is gone indeed. Thanks for the reply!

How much ad spend do you have?

Try this one: business/clientsupport

They recently changed the requirement to running at least 2 ads for 2 weeks min spend $20

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It did about two which were 5 dollars each.

Not enough, you’ll need to spend at least $20

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After I spend 20 would the support button be added immediately? Should be at the business adds support page right?

It should be, but be warned, they’re useless in helping you run ads or optimization etc.

@Jacon_20 Do you think it’s worth spending extra just to unlock that feature? Are they particularly useful in anything?

They’ve been utterly useless. The only thing they managed to help me with was when my accounts page was unpublished a few months ago, and even then it took over 60 support tickets and phone calls for them to fix it and bear in mind, I’ve spent over $300,000 in ads on this account with a valid company.

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Ah ok. Yeah I’ve heard it’s not worth it to seek their support hahah. Thanks for your help!

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I am shocked that feature ever existed.

i’m looking for someone verify my facebook business account
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can help me