Facebook Admits to Recording Microphone Data

It’s happening on Messenger, so it’s definitely happening on Whatsapp.

No doubt it’s happening on Instagram as well.

They have people listening to and transcribing the data as well, which makes it infinitely worse.

Forbes Reports on Recent Facebook Microphone Scandal

What blows my mind is that they just straight up lied about this for years, but now they are forced to come out with it because of The Great Hack & press surrounding it.

What else are they lying about?

I didn’t even realize that I had Messenger installed on my phone because I never use it. Deleted it immediately.

Surely this is enough to make people start considering deleting Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp?

Is Facebook just going to be untouchable, and never face the consequences for their actions?

How is all of this going to affect our recent struggles on Instagram?

Would love to hear some opinions.


from Cambridge Analytica to The Great Hack to this
Facebook indeed making moves and shaking up the cool for Board…

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Wow - this is incredible, but not unexpected I guess.
Every device seems to be listening and recording now

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This only affected ppl using the audio to text feature, and what’s the surprise here? of course most of the transcripts are done via software, with Watson for example, but always you need to do human checks, this exist for decades, all phone companies do it too, and by the way if ppl is worried that FB listening why they don’t worry when your operator listens 100% of your calls. You don’t want others to listen to you just don’t use a phone!! That article was pathetic and misleading.

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Every device is recorded right now, facebook has the biggest amount of people to track easy way. Almost everyone has facebook account…

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Not really. you cannot sustain your argument, not way to be proven. And not everyone has FB account btw.
Please ppl don’t act like this media ppl that only want a click on their posts.

Use common sense and remember real life is not like Hollywood wants you to believe :wink:

Cmon guys, it was obvious. Same as using the camera without permission


… and they want me to pay for their ADS.


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They don’t use any hardware without permission, users grant the permissions (if they want). Ppl needs to be more careful with what they allow, and maybe less naive too :wink:

If I ask you, May I have access to your camera? and you say YES, you cannot tell me that I did it without your permission.

Simple as that.!

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You would be surprised by some of the stuff they do in the background!

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Nothing to be surprised, I work in the software industry for decades :slight_smile:
Facebook is a little baby if you compare it with other big fishes in collecting and using data.

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Nothing to worry about here guys… Facebook will give you a free coffee to show they care about privacy.

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Of course they care!! they keep all YOUR DATA private for them :slight_smile: And just ready to re-sell if need it :slight_smile:

I cannot care less! they can use 100% of my data, social media is not real life, but I do care when the health system shares my data!! or my bank!

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Mostly you give it access only while using the app, it’s hard not to give access to the mic or camera for messenger if you are sending pictures to friends, or calling via messenger

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Again will be always your decision.

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It’s quite funny actually because I have known that for years from personal experience.

Just think about it, if companies have features like voice control like Apples Siri or Amazon alexa, these applications have to be constantly listening to you in order to hear the key word “Siri” or “Alexa” which means they are probably constantly listening.

Secondly I have done some tests where I was speaking about different products and next thing you know, I got an ad on Instagram or Facebook like for example Redbull, Coca Cola, PS4, dog toys.

There is even a viral video of a guy on YouTube doing exactly that with a clean browser history and the results are quite shocking. I’ll link it if I find it.


Please do. I’d like to see that video.


You are quiet right, but let me clarify something here, “probably constantly listening” this is not totally accurate, there’s a process running that is “listening” but only for a specific command, at this point it’s not practical to transfer all the data gathered (sound) and process it. Maybe will happen, 5G will help for sure.

If one day any of these devices “react to your command” without you triggering them we will be sure that they are listening 100% of the time, but anyway doesn’t mean that they are collecting that information.

In regards of Siri/Alexa/Google they are using everything you say to them, the same they do when reading your emails, etc.

All my post was great but… I know devices that are actually capturing keywords, some smartTVs and some Smart devices too, maybe in your case you have one and that company is working with advertisers. Cheers.


Here it is. Hugely viral. 17 million clicks. He even missed some of the ads but look in the comments for more:


@Luffy This is completely insane. I’m honestly speechless haha.

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