Facebook Ads Agency setup


Hi we currently run FB ads for a few businesses.

The way it currently workins is that they add me to their FB page.

I setup and run the ads and the payment comes off my credit card which I bill them for at the end of the month.

We have been doing this for ages but now the figures are starting to make me uncomfortable.

How do I set it up so the clients cars are used instead.

Some of the FB pages we are editors, some admin and others we have created from scratch.

I have been an admin on pages which had already had the business owners card on but I couldn’t select to use it.


Hi there,

I think the best way to not have the stress of paying for the ads yourself is to make sure they have their own facebook ad account for their business with their business credit/debit card attached. They then grant you access to the ad account and then the budget for the ads get’s billed directly to them at the end of the month.

Hope that helps!


yes this is the best solution for me also @Phil


When dealing with some businesses its going to be almost impossible for them to setup an ads account.

With adwords you setup a campaign and then give them access to it to input their payment details

There must be a way to do it with FB