Facebook Ads before and Today

Hello back in the year 2014 I promote a Facebook Site with a Campaign, I and invest 120$ I get very fast in the first 20 days over 2400 real Fanpage Likes, but now in the year 2018 you will get maybe 50 Likes for 150$ what Zuck has done here? Has anything changed on Facebook since 14?

Everything has changed since 2014, but you should still be able to get $0.05 Likes. To pay $2.4 per like is very high, so you definitely doing something wrong.

Try to change your creatives, your audience (make a little broader for the start), let Facebook run your ad for a few days to see who is more prone to like your page. Make your changes accordingly.

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Whats your niche? try to boost something viral. surely you get more likes and engagement :slight_smile: