Facebook Ads competitor tool



Facebok noob here.

Is there any tool to find what kind of ads a FB user is publishing? I can Google, but like i said, a FB noob here.




there used to be one but facebook banned it. i might be wrong but i checked some months ago and couldn’t find any


So a new update to facebook is they’re going to allow you to check any page or profile’s current ads they are running. SO you would go to their business page and bam be able to see any active ad campaigns they have circulating.

It’s already came out for those in Canada. might be able to snag you a sneakpeak from a clients account if you’d like?


suggest you need buy SPY tools


I know of one - https://poweradspy.com/

Disclaimer: I have never used this service, so I don’t know if you will get what you want here. BUT I did see one dude raving about it on Linkedin, so it can’t be all bad.

Another one - https://adespresso.com/ads-examples/

This is free to use, but obviously very limited set of ads on here. But maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for if your niche is large enough.

If you’re used to the kind of data that you get with SEM spy tools, you should moderate your expectations before trying Fb spy tools. In my experience, these tools are usually very limited in their features.


you can go to a fb business page and see ads they run


can you tell me the steps to see this? I spend ~30 min trying to find it


You need to use the desktop version. Go to the page. Left nav bar close to the bottom.


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