Facebook Ads FAKE spam emails?

These have to be fake emails but there look so real, any ideas or has anyone seen these before?

I`ve dropped an email to FB to check etc

There is no hacked FB ads account with your credit card? They look too real. In gmail you can check the source of the message, and see if it really came from a facebook server, things like spf, dkim and so should match if Facebook is the real sender.

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Ok, looking like a hacked card!

you will have to report that and be quick about it, make sure to change all your existing info and check your other ads accounts if you have any

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Cheers, nothing on any of my ad accounts, so I`m assuming it’s a fake ad account set-up with my details etc - I’ve reported it through FB support and ad manager, see what I get back…

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Let us know how it went :pray: