Facebook ads getting clicks but not landing on the landing page

Hi everyone,

so I’m running a few Facebook ads and they are getting clicks but when I check my heatmap and screen recording it doesn’t show anyone has landed on the landing pages. Has anyone ran into this before and if so do you know what could be causing this?

idk what could be causing it…I’m only targeting one town so I don’t feel like it could be bots but I could be wrong.

P.S. my landing page loading time is 1.5-2s according to google page speed.

Have you set up any filters in GA?

I haven’t. That’s the one thing I didn’t setup and i’m worried if it’s too late to figure out what caused all these clicks but no one landing on the landing page.

I’m updating the landing page right now and going to setup trackable links

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Can you see any traffic on your site?

No traffic on the landing pages either (sorry for wordiness…13 charecter minimum)

So just to clarify:

You don’t get traffic from Facebook nor from IG nor from anything else?

Or do you only use Fb as traffic source?

The only thing that has access to the landing pages are the facebook ads and they are no traffic hitting the landing pages but the facebook ads are showing that they are clicks

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Sorry man, then I’m out. The only thing I can imagine would be a broken or wrong link but I assume you checked that first.

See if you can see other traffic like your own by visiting your landing page and check the live tab.

Chinese click farm

Are you getting any engagement data? Time on page or something?