Facebook Ads News: All ads run by page will be visible to everyone?

According to Facebook News, starting from November, we will be able to see any ad that page is running just by visiting the page regardless of the fact are we page’s target audience or not.

This makes me wonder, are we going to be able to spy on competitors ads and even see their target audience?

Other news they’re mentioning in the article is that political ads will be harder to approve, you’ll have to verify the identity and each ad have small sign “Paid for by…”

It would be cool if we could spy on target audience of successful pages… for now they said that will be available for political ads:

During this initial test, we will only show active ads. However, when we expand to the US we plan to begin building an archive of federal-election related ads so that we can show both current and historical federal-election related ads. In addition, for each federal-election related ad, we will:

Include the ad in a searchable archive that, once full, will cover a rolling four-year period – starting from when we 
launch the archive.
Provide details on the total amounts spent.
Provide the number of impressions that delivered.
Provide demographics information (e.g. age, location, gender) about the audience that the ads reached.

That’s what I’ve could understand from their article now, maybe I misunderstood something, it’s late here and I’m pretty sleepy :smiley:

What do you think?


This is actually pretty interesting. Would be nice to see how successful pages work their ads and see how we can benefit by spying on their ads lol.

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If it is really transparent it could be the end of profitable campaigns in less than what we really think. It will increase the cpm in the winning audiences making it imposible for the low/medium im guys to join the game.

Yes, if they applied this the way we understood it. It will be a hard one for big marketers that try to hide their profitable campaigns as much as they can.