Facebook ads or Google adwords. Which one to learn?


Hello, everybody.

I intend to develop a high-income skill to get started with a service-based business. Helping personal trainers, gym owners and online fitness coaches getting clients.
Which media works better for fitness marketing?
The easiest to learn?


Both :smiley: but its hard to learn them properly without spending big money


Do you know to start them ?


I worked more with Adwords and not with FB Ads… so yeah i know basic things with Adwords but im not even close to call myself Pro or someone to give you some tips. Just search the G and you will find what you need to know. What i said is without spending real money and managing campaigns, making experience you can’t learn it very good. Its not just read some books watch videos and you set to go.


both ! google Ads first and than a solid retargeting via FB


I’d say Google Ads for new potential clients and then FB Ads for re-targeting as it’s basically indexed everywhere :smiley:


Facebook ads for selling branded items.
Google Ads for selling generic products.

With Facebook Ads you have to catch their attention & convince the customer to place an order. They generally have no buying intent, they’re just scrolling their feed.
With Google Ads, most of the people are searching for a specific product (eg. graphic cards), they already have the intent to purchase the item, you just need to show up first and be trustworthy.

Both have its pros and cons.