Facebook and IP from different countries

Do you know if it is a problem to use facebook with different country IPs, like smartphone has a German IP, Server has a Polish IP?

Can you explain this more into detail? Normally, if you use a proxy (for example with Jarvee) all the traffic that interacts with Facebook for that account gets tunneled through the proxy.

If you use the same cookie there should not be as many issues as if you try to make a fresh login. Because Facebook might detect it as account theft and will try to give you a hard time.


From what I understand you are logged to the accounts from two different places and doing actions, maybe automating actions on the Polish server, correct? if that’s the case then I think you will have some verification issues, logging in from two different countries Ip’s at the same time is definitely suspicious.

Yeah, different IPs can always cause problems and issues, especially when using IPs from two different countries.

Your account can easily get flagged if you use it from different IPs and different devices, FB doesn’t like that. Beside what other users added, you can get proxy for the account and then login and connect using this proxy when you use it from your phone or server browser, this could help.