Facebook Apocalypse!

What do you all think on the new facebook policy changes to deprioritize facebook pages!?


Looks like advertising prices are gonna go up even more…

Despite what Zuckerberg is saying about aiming to make it more “friend oriented”, it seems like a thinly veiled excuse to charge even more for advertising so people will see pages.

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and it’s going to kill automated posting

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I welcome everything that weakens to competition :smiley: . I read a case study some years ago where a company made a loss on the first 7 months on a customer they acquired . Such a long term planning gave them the edge over the competition , so they were able to dominate the market and make it close to impossible for new competitors to enter the market .


Well they said ALL pages will likely see about 50-80% less traffic and engagement and you have to lessen post frequency too

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lets the weak fail and the strong thrive