Facebook as might be Solution of making Quick MONEY

After years of spamming social media, i got fed up on 2017 since i lost all accounts and i was banned all times so i decided to take break and i went off internet for almost 2 years, i was traveling and enjoying life but when money approeach to end, i return back to internet to find that things got even worest and i been looking around so i found EITHER SEO or facebook ads might be best solution to make money online.

SEO i found Yoast paid courses and this require an investement … i still have some MONEY Which i wanna invest rather then wasting it.

Facebook ads looks good idea but i also been looking for offers and most ad networks which offer offers to be promoted through facebook ads does not really seems attractive so i wonder guys is there any good network which has Great offer that can be promoted through facebook ads and it might generate a decent amount of money, of course i shall go for testing those offers to find out best one but i am just asking help as i am not knowing what might works nowadays on those platform, probably fitness products or weight loss programmes or beauty?! i am not sure yet but it s all depend on ad network which provide those offers there i can pick 1/2 or even 3 and go for testing them

Have a look at push notifications, it should be the trend of the moment

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For push Notification, it is very tricky as the traffic quality is the same as email spamming or sms spamming… Honestly haven t tried it but does not seems it will convert if it s being used for dating or adult dating, Probably i will give it a try if you recommand any service which does it well and reasonable price. thank you for trying to light up this thread

There are a lot of businesses that have no idea about how to run ads and dont know what a Pixel is. Finding them and advertising on their behalf is the best thing you can do for the next 2 years before Facebook downfall will start.

Learn about ads, about pixel, about laser targeting and how the customers react to the Facebook posts and then go in the world and hunt small / medium businesses and make them great!


that s good suggestion but i am up for something fast like promoting products or services which get me sales with comission that s fast and pretty interesting…
that s what i think if i find a good offer that can be promoted in high paying countries certainly there will be user who would buy it.

Your idea is great but i believe finding those business or those guys that does not have any idea about how to run ads is an impossible mission specially with all those new platform of freelances and forums. would love to hear your opinon regarding my point of view ?

You can literally fast promote product or services for businesses that will pay their own ads. you charge them administration fees and comission. My idea is basically yours, but with others people money. You can invest those money you have in creating a decent landing page for yourself and targeting small business owners through Facebook yourself. From there, if you create a nice funnel, you might land 2-3 customers in 2-3 months. It is all about how much you work on it.

and yes. New platforms and freelancers are all around the place, but the difference between a good marketer and a freelancer is in the sales. You can get a ROI of 1000% with 1.000 if you know how to target and what to write in the captions unlike freelancers who boost a post straight away from the page. You dont sound like a dumb guy. I think you can get ahead of those freelancers easily.

to be honest this idea does not rock me, it looks a bit difficulte and finding those cutsomes is not gonna be easy mission yet they have to trust me and load money ad spend so all those factors made this idea not easy to accomplished. Like I Said i think investing my money on 4/5 ads on different products which offer a decent comission might be more profitable and efficient.

i might be barking up the wrong tree but your idea is probably for someone who s experienced with facebook ads plus how to hunt those small business as they have to be contacted by phone or email, Any alertnative suggestion would be highly appreacited BaKedcookie :wink:

i am so thankful for taking times to write me and trying to help. CHAPEAU

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you dont need their ad money in your account. you need access to control their ads audiences so you can target from their own bank account. when it comes to trust, just explain them in a nice way that you know what you are doing and they are wasting money, time and chances by not investing in a proper marketing campaign. my 2 cents. other than that, i really don’t know what to say. automation is dead, spam is dead, organic reach is dead, internet is dead. i see no other quick money option right now

Excatly this mission ain t easy but i might consider doing it even LOCALY.

A- What i don t understand is Automation is death But for many others they are banking havealy.
B- Spam is death but People are spamming in NEW WAYS Through Push notification and Sms, -mails, it just seems they are doing in in a new way which is more convienant, i am not really understand how those things are happene one example. I Saw a facebook page and ton of likes and users and thier using manyChat bots to sale and talk to customes
C- Organic reach : afew are using a tactic that never kill thier reach, looks like thier studied algoritum and how it does catch who s abusing and who s not, personally reach of afew left accounts over years is almost death, when i post a pic it reach up to 300Likes and when it inculde links it reach like 12 like maximam 30. smartest ain t using links anymore at least in facebook thier redirecting users to another place via twitter or instag or snapchat and thier they target them

Rule games changed and even through i am failing quite alot and ain t able to make what i used to made before, that s why i am trying getting more information and learn something new and go for test.

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