Facebook asks me to show myself holding ID CARD


accounts disabled and after many emails here is result.
anyone have solution?


Thanks for sending your ID. To complete this ID verification, we need you to reply to this email and attach a photo of yourself holding your government-issued ID. Please make sure that we can clearly see your face in both the photo and the ID.

Thanks in advance for your understanding of this security policy.


Community Operations


That’s something new… Never saw anything like that :slight_smile:


Had that happen with Tumblr before, so maybe it’s becoming a trend?


Damn, if Facebook started this as well it’s going to be crazy :slight_smile: You can have a photo for all accounts from now :d


Its happen to me last time


it s happening now without any solution


Well guys, its so easy… They won’t even check…


Select one that can be real, edit it with photoshop and find a nice font that can fake it.



Lucky af , you should post 10 to 12 per day per account


things are getting complicated


That’s normal, just accept it. :slight_smile:
They just want to stop/slow down spammers and bots.

Although I never experienced this photo verification method on Facebook, it’s regular on Instagram when you want to get back your account. Deal with it. :smiley:


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You must be dreaming


Hi, My 8 year old personal account was also disabled recently. Can you please provide me the email you sent to. thanks in advance.


You have to log in and click on little click on or help otherwise you facebook.com/hacked and attempte to upload your id and probably you will get it back,wish you luck