Facebook Avatar Creation: A How-To Guide

Steps: How to CONNECT a FB account

Day 0 – Connecting of account/s

  1. Buy blank Facebook accounts from a trusted supplier.
  2. Connect the FB accounts on Jarvee

  1. Go to Facebook and click add profiles

  1. Follow the steps in the picture in order to put a label on the account.

  • Format for the username and password is like this username:password
  1. To proceed scroll down and add the USERNAME, PASSWORD and set the setting

  1. To set the settings, follow the instructions on the picture

  1. Go back to the top of the page

  2. Click Proxy Manager to add the accounts’ Proxy

  1. Time to add the Proxy

  1. Make sure to follow the numbering in order to add the Proxy.

  1. The proxy has been added. As you can see its still pending so you have to make it a valid one

  1. To make the Proxy valid, go back to Social Profiles


In layman’s terms, proxies are protectors of your accounts from being flagged or disabled. It serves as a mask of your real IP address and acts as a unique IP address of your accounts (as we all know, having too many accounts connected to a single IP address is flagged as a suspicious activity. Hence, running your accounts without a proxy or a reliable one is a very dangerous step in starting automation.

  1. Once you reached the social profile page look for the account that you connect (LOOK FOR ITS NAME)

  1. After clicking, scroll down a bit and go to this part and follow the instruction on the picture

  1. Once you click VERIFY ACCOUNT, wait for a few seconds and the account will be valid.

That’s how you connect a FB account through Jarvee.

Steps: How to do WARM UP with a FACEBOOK avatar

Day 1- Adding of Email and Phone Number

  1. To start, open the account that you connected by clicking it.
  2. Next, click BROWSE/BROWSE EMBEDDED to open the account

  1. Once you already open the account, go to settings

  1. To add the email address and the phone number follow the steps below:

  1. After you input the email address click ADD

  1. After adding the Email address, it should be verified.
  2. To verify the email address follow the steps below:

  1. Input gmx.com on the box then wait for it to load. It will direct you to the gmx home page.

  1. Put/paste the email address and password to verify

  1. Click the verification message to get the code.

  1. Click the confirm button and wait for it to be verified.

  1. Email verified.

Adding of Phone number

  1. To start, go to settings

  1. Follow the instruction on the attached photo

  1. Add the number then click continue to proceed

  1. After you click continue, your phone number now is verified.

Day 2 – Adding of Profile Picture

  1. Go to the accounts’ profile

  1. To change/add the profile picture follow the instruction below

Day 3 – Adding of Cover Photo (see attached photo for instruction on how to add your Cover Photo)

Day 4 – Editing of bio and adding other details

  1. To edit all the basic information for the account follow the instructions below:

Day 5 – Like related pages (3 to 5 pages)

  1. Search for pages to the search box and like it’s page

Day 6- Join to related groups (at least 3 groups)

  1. To join groups click and open group page on facebook

  1. Search for related groups

Day 7 – Adding of friends

  1. Add friends by searching their names on the search box.

Day 8 and so on – Random Actions

It is essential also to do RANDOM ACTIONS for the accounts and these include – LIKING PAGES, JOINING GROUPS and TALKING TO PEOPLE.

If you follow all of the instructions given you’ll surely build a great Facebook account with no sweat!!


Amazing tutorial, veeery helpful, even for us more experienced users :slight_smile: Thanks [Tal_Klinger] :pray:(MP Social)

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What a share :clap: :clap: :clap:, thank you @Tal_Klinger

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This brings some memories of when I used to spam the hell out of Facebook :joy: :joy: :joy:

Thank you for the great guide @Tal_Klinger

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For the profile photo, did you just use any photo available on the web or do you have preferred sources?

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Hi @Jessi we used photos from thispersondoesnotexist before but it’s not that naturally looking always, if you have more preferable sources, that would be much better.

I’ve heard that algorithms can already detect that those are fake people because the pupils are not 100% circle :smiley:

Using those on some Instagram accounts but not having any problems yet.

Ah, I used that before as well and the accounts are still alive.

For some accounts I make them as stan accounts (or fan accounts). So, as if I am a very big fan of a certain group/band so I use their group photo as profile pic/cover and most of my posts are about them so FB thinks the acct is indeed just another regular fan account :smiley:

That’s a great strategy too. Some people tend to use anime characters as well saying it’s much better than having AI-generated profile pictures.

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