Facebook being weird


So, I sent a couple of non-friends some messages and they didn’t get it. I told them to check the other folder “Requests Tab” and still my messages were not there despite I was able to send messages properly. And no I didnt send the same message to everyone.

My account is in good standing. Don’t know what is going on?

What do you guys think?


Facebook is so strict! that’s enough to get filtered as spam, and the dm never get delivered
How fast did you send those messages ,most likely you didn’t do a delay between the DMs you have sent

you better try with another account send one DM and see if it well be delivered than you can see some patterns to the reason!
i had been posting in bulk in 2015 that the posts Gets removed Automatically sometimes i will still be able to see the post but when i login from another account can’t find the posts Just like google+ system of filtering spam you post it and you will see it posted but no ne else can see it but you with that account!
Hopefully they will share with you someone else that has better knowledge in this situation can give some sort of help too!!