Facebook block from posting to groups


Here is a letter I have written to FB about my blocking problem. Does anyone have any advice?

I currently have a problem on Face Book, with my groups, which I am unable to resolve by e-mailing Face Book support and request your assistance in this matter, please.

The problem is being caused with groups that I own and for ALL members of Admin on those groups (five admin). I knew that there was some problems with my groups when they were open, so I closed them all, but the problems have escalated and are being caused by members within the groups that I am unable to identify.

The problem has intensified since October this year and all admin are currently blocked from posting to or joining groups. Since none of the admin is joining any groups, that is not the problem. Once any block is removed, it is immediately re-instated by FB within a matter of days or even hours, which means none of us can post to our own closed groups. This is caused by unidentified members within the groups marking any admin posts as “spam’ in large volumes. I do know the people behind it as they are also attacking me on skype, by e-mail, phone and by means of physical assault. The police are involved both in the UK and Bulgaria, but that is obviously not something I am asking FB for help with, just an indicator, which may be of some use to you.

Since these people organise enough others to mark any post made by admin within our own closed groups as “spam”, this eventually activates Facebook’s automated systems and everyone is blocked from posting to groups. I assume this is not the first time FB has come across a problem like this and would ask you to kindly resolve it.

I would ask you to kindly take action on this as soon as you can as the position is untenable and no-one is able to support groups, making it look as if we have abandoned them, which, of course, is the intention of the people behind this.

Thank you for your help.