FaceBook block my blogspot blog

On November 27 I created a blog on blogspot. a free domain. A very serious blog, I publish local news and photos. There are 20 articles of very serious and high quality, my texts and photos. Everything was okay, I have a page on fb, groups and profiles through which I advertise my external pages and domains. However, facebook has blocked this new blog as a spam unwanted content. All links, 20 of which have been removed from my facebook page, groups and profiles because it is allegedly spam. Please help me. Is there a possibility for someone reporting because this notification is coming to us, other users have logged in and all 20 posts have disappeared. I apologized and sent a review of each post that it is not spam now waiting for the facebook response. Please let me explain some rules with links on facebook and where to share them. Thank you

The only thing that comes to my mind is using a prelander with serverside rendering to redirect a new domain to your blogger website

Unfortunately it does not help I tried one redirect service but still stands block any domain tk. ml is still a block. But I’m wondering whether facebook will download my block from the domain. I’ve sent complaints, I do not know how to mark it as spam I think someone reported from evil intent

Crawlers can crawl javascript code in client side. But if you make it serverside rendering then you are should be safe. This has been working for years.

I do not know how to do it. I wonder if there is a possibility that facebook will download a block from my Blogspot blog, and if it is possible for someone to report it from evil intent, I’m interested in it. Now with the admin profile I see these postings on my page and on profiles, they are hidden and other people do not see, I’ve sent a facebook review to no spam, I’m waiting, I do not know what’s going to happen. I do not know how to change java script. I use the blogspot free domain.