Facebook blocked 105 accounts at the same time

Hello guys, before 2 days facebook show me a message for malware test at all my 105 facebook accounts in the same time after i beginning the test 1 by one i managed to save only the 10 first accounts was more aged and PVA. After this facebook started to asking for ID varification and i was not able to pass this so 95 accounts rested in peace.

I will explain a few more about my accounts and their activity

I have 4 blogs + 4 facebook fan pages + 5 facebook groups
so i need the accounts for post shares + send invites for fanpage likes + invites to my groups

I use US private proxies for all of my accounts and share GREEK POSTS to GREEK GROUPS
I run up 4 accounts per proxy

40 first accounts activity

Share Posts: 3 different links from my blogs to 8 random groups per day every 6-8 hours that is total 24 shares per day ( for every blog i share from 10 same accounts every day from the same fanpage via share post use the facebook link)
Adding up to 40 friends per day in my groups per account
Sending 100 invites for fanpages likes per day per account
accepting friends request 20-40 per operation with total 100 per day per account
5 Random Wall Posts per account per day via RSS from different rss feed funny thinks / videos etc.

next 20 accounts

No Share ON GROUPS yet
5 Random Wall Posts per account per day via RSS from different rss feed funny thinks / videos etc.
accepting friends request 20-40 per operation with total 100 per day per account
After 7 days of the other activity i start adding up to 40 friends per day in my groups per account
Start to adding the accounts to groups after 7 days activity 5-10 groups per day with invites from other accounts and not with sending request

The other 45 Accounts no activity only cover photo profile picture and basic info 0 friend , 0 groups

That is all !!

I’m looking for solution here because i have lost so much work and i don’t want this happen again

Looking forward for your opinions at the follow:

What do you think I do wrong and lost my accounts?

why may they CLOSED and accounts without any activity?

Do you suggest me some any better tactic?

How facebook managed to find all of my accounts at the same time ?

Thank you in advance !

Best regards

I think the problem was that you were sharing the same links, they started to catch on to that.

Sorry to hear about your accounts, if you have some money to spend you can try to get some of them back though, people on fiver can do the id verifications for your, i think on other places as well…

But how can you explain about the accounts with no activity?

I don’t share the same link just 1 post-link per account

not sure if I get it clear. did you add/invite to same 5 facebook groups on all accounts?

Accounts with no activity gets banned due to many various reasons.

Proxy on the same subnet.
Registration method

Off the top of my head, but there’s just too many to list.

I know for one, my IG gets banned after letting it idle, no traceable records other than because of the name or picture it’s using.

For facebook, you gotta add 100x more point of failure to be able to catch what you did wrong.

The way to do it, is to think, how unique is my account. How do they differ from each other. Then you will be able to pinpoint a point of failure. Sometimes, it’s just 1. Other times, its more than 1 variable. But realistically, they just needed 1 variable to link all accounts together.

So lets say you get flagged on multiple occasions on that IP, they will then extend the flag to other IP on the same subnet. If they find it a real nuisance, they will go far back to how the accs are created. So you got the accs from only 1 seller, and they identified the pattern. Your other accs are linked to your untouched accs. The moment you put them online, regardless of where, it’s actually already dead along with your active accs.

Your answer is very helpful and gave me reason to think differently how Create and how i operate my accounts. perhaps my mistake is that my accounts have same activity so my accounts maybe looks same because i have all this accounts moderators at the same groups and activity is so similar. I will start to create my accounts looks unique i will not add the accounts to same groups as a moderators , i will not link the accounts together like friends. I believe about the new accounts without any activity i get banned because the subnet was the same.

If you have any more opinions that will be great

Yes that is maybe one of my mistakes i add all accounts to my 5 groups as a moderators

What do you think the workaround for this is then mate? When I’m buying proxies there’s no way to know what the subnet is etc? I’m getting idle accounts banned as well, had about 50 banned though, not quite as bad as your ban-wave though :stuck_out_tongue:.

FWIW, BuyProxies.org advertise how many subnets your proxies will be split between.