Facebook - blocked - photo upload


one of my accounts got blocked requiring to upload a photo. It just says upload a photo where your face can be recognized - Should I upload just any photo or just delete the profile?

You will need to add a photo of the same person that profile belongs to. If it’s yours, then just upload your picture with your face showing and you will get your account back after they review it.

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Have done that. I used a photo from the same person. I even cropped it from a video and yet FB banned my account.

I still wondering if we got solution for this .Mine >50 accounts were banned in 1 month (may) however all accounts were not aged (less than 3 months old) & warmed up properly ,not sure if someone has faced similar problem with aged account and had success if recovering the account after being banned

Facebook ban it whatever happene
over 15 accounts are disabled expect 2
looks like they become too aggressive

Upload A Photo Of Yourself
My account got a copyright infringement, I received the email and also an email saying I was 3 days blocked. When trying to login I get this problem where I need to send a picture, but any picture I send of myself I get this “Please try again later” error, tried on mobile, desktop, etc.

Anyone know how to bypass this issue?

This normally means your still in FB jail!

Did you wait 3 days before trying to login? If not, that means you’re still blocked. After three days have passed, try logging in using a different browser, and see if it works.