Facebook ( Confirm Your Identity ) Disabled accounts

recently facebook require foto to be uploaded to verify account once foto uploaded account is disabled whatever you do.

currently they suspended all accounts asking photo.
whatever i do, it will be disabled.

i want to know how can i keep up promoting dating/cpa in facebook without those iusses Specially new accounts are blocked instantely

How were you promoting those offers?

Did you use prelanders or you were direct linking to CPA offers?

New accounts do get blocked easily, you need to warm them up good. I’d always recommend getting aged accounts.

Facebook pages or Facebook profiles?

main reason is fingerprint.
i always accessed account from one pc.

i promote dating, i got over 100 domain name so i put link of offer and redirect to my domains and i change domains daily while i am promoting on facebook.

best option i found ad i have not tested yet is buying VPS for each account.

Do U have any solution?
my acccounts are old 1 year

I already answered your other thread. You don’t need VPS for each account, VPS is something else, you need proxies.