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So basiclly we have a guy that is health-coach. We made great video campaign (content is king, weekly, group shared, got around 15k views and 60k reach on average) which got us just 2-3 buyers on his website. I say ok there was Little cta during videos. Lets target all The video viewers that had seen more that 90% of 4 videos (around 3k people) with ads and try something different. (We sell video with knowledge around clients topic based on most looked up Medical problems). Targeted native language, 28-44 years from this group as it kinda seemed logical to me that they are old enough to buy and young enough to know how to buy it. I set website conversions. Got around 10% ctr. This kinda worked well nad gave around 1.5-2 : 1 ratio income:investment. What is the problem is that ratio. Is Facebook really eating this much Money? I am kinda New to this topic Social sale) and am wondering whether i might have ducked something up along The way. Also the sales went for like 1 month giving rather low effects (around 500$) even the budget ratio is on plus. I was wondering whether it might be because the Facebook hasnt optimised ads yet?

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Get their emails and keep mailing them. Depending on the price range, people want some kind of relationship between spending good money.

What’s a point of one contact marketing. Go for multi-contact.

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Exactly what @Junk-DNA said. Collect emails, make sales funnnels! After getting an email address send people emails with useful information every couple of days, finally leading to what you want to sell. I am surprised you are even getting a “1.5-2 : 1 ratio” trying to sell directly after a Facebook ad.

I very much liked this book by Russell Brunson. He is the founder of Clickfunnels and in this book he promotes his business while explaining things about salesfunnels. If you ignore the promotion of his own business it is really interesting. Clickfunnels is expensive, but you can do the same things with less expensive services or even for free with something like https://www.mautic.org/


Here is a tip of century.

Just go to Fiverr.com and you can buy a legitimate license there for page builder InstaBuilder v2.0 for $5.0. Its one off payment, not a monthly and its 100% legit. IB2 works inside WordPress and WP is free.


I use it for creating sales page alr. I must say I ignored e-mails and thought that by posting video Content each week it would do The same as far as relation goes. But i must say I reconsider it after what you guys just said. Would be gratefull for any other tips you might consider usefull.


Thank again :slight_smile: Both for this reply and private message

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I would ad, don’t stop doing videos. People buy from people, they want to know they’ll be giving money to somebody who’s real. Don’t become just one of four dozen names in their inbox. And promote in on FB on your personal profile.