Facebook facing Antitrust Lawsuit from 48 US States

Facebook has been hit with an antitrust lawsuit from 48 US states for buying rising rival companies such as WhatsApp & Instagram.

It’s possible they will need to let go of either Instagram or WhatsApp (or even both).


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i just hope everyone will have a good time

I don’t think they will let go of anything, FB now is a big empire and they will definitely find a workaround for these kinds of issues, I have read that they might divide the company IG and FB have different CEO’s and stuff and the issue will be solved.

im afraid its too late but a great lawsuit wish it happened earlier.

Agreed - they will not part ways with either platform easily, they have enough power/people to try to prevent it from happening

they tried this with Microsoft and failed big time. They might have learned how to do it better. I think they may have a chance – Microsoft was the OS system and browser – this is many parts and could fly

Sadly I don’t believe it will have any pratical effect, their legal department will surely find a creative way to cirvumvent any restrictions that may be applied .

What we really need is some kind of disruptive technology that can shake things a bit and threaten the domain of such a rising evil empire :slight_smile:

We certainly have been a lot further from the dystopian sci fi scenario of a big evil corp controling the destinies of the world, with FB, IG and Google leading the way at this point !