Facebook Fan Page Publishing Method 2020


Can somebody share his publishing method to the Facebook pages, that work now? I have a big problems with sharing links from my sites in my Facebook pages. I have a lot of pages, may be 150 and more and i using some profiles to publish in them but i get restrictions and cannot publish on the pages. The last that i test was to publish 4 to 5 times daily (only daytime) link posts and i was get restricted from Facebook on the third day. I was publish in 5 pages, no more… this mean 25 posts daily in 5 pages and i get restricted. How to publish? Now i trying to publish 2 links daily, one for example in 8 in the morning and another one in 8 at the night ~ 12 hours interval and for now it’s working. But this is too small amount of traffic to my site, not enough to earn normal money. How another people publish? Look this page…

Facebook Page

They publish links like a crazy and this work from long time ago, i get restrictions and bans for 4 times daily… what is the secret?

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I believe it’s because of your profiles. I have the same problem after using a few accounts, which was not real, to share links between pages. And like a month after all those shares, I get blocked. So start using your personal account or friends accounts. FB detected spam from the same profiles spamming links form the same source.


Thanks! Yeah i agree with you! Now the stupid is that… my personal account was restricted, my fake profiles work normal :slight_smile: Just i don’t know per how many hours to publish with him, now they work normal when i publish from one profile just one link per hour, and i repeat it again after 12 hours. For example profile 1 publish in page 1 in 9:00, profile 1 publish in page 2 in 10:00… and repeat the same page again after 12 hours… now they work normal, no any messages, blocks, but i think this is too rare… i don’t know how to do it :slight_smile:

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You just have to post less than you did so far. I hope that doesn’t affect your income or something like that. Not sure what kind of links you share. I suggest you use the Facebook creator studio and schedule your post like 2 r 3 times per day from different accounts. And beware once FB lift block or ban they have you on the alert list so if you continue you get longer ban or block every time until they ban you for good.

Actually i was stopped to publish any links long time ago. The last two years i don’t do this i publish only pictures to the fan pages to can keep it alive, and when i start to publish links again (not too often like before, very rare, just a few times daily) i get banned again. My links contains a websites where the people can watch videos embedded from youtube. The sites are clean, no popups, no agressive ads, just a few adsense ads. The videos are clean too and the people like it. I have Like button inside the side, where is the video and i have 3-4-5k likes on every single video, if the people do not want it they will not like it, right? Domains are aged, 2-3 years and more, but i still cannot publish in the pages, facebook was restricted me. In the past i was restricted in one of the pages only for publishing pictures in the page, no links. I get a lot of notifications where they said my post not follow their community standarts, but the post are picture of car for example in the page with car fans. When i appeal this notification they send me a message:

Thanks for contacting us. It looks like your Page was recently blocked in error. We’ve now removed the restriction from your page. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this caused, and we appreciate you asking us to take another look.

This is absolutely ridiculous!

I think i stay in some blacklist, i am flagged and i get automatic filter restrictions for anywhere, doesn’t matter the post will against the community standards or not… and this is never lifted :slight_smile: Very stupid sutiation!

Just look, this is one of the links that i publish on my fan pages. The fan pages are Mercedes-Benz related too, just look how many likes i have inside on the like button, you can check it on the facebook sharing debugger. And this is real people, this is not any fake accounts, bots etc. Also my titles are normal, is not any SHOCKING, MUST WATCH NOW… etc titles, just a normal titles. I do not understand where is the problem…