Facebook Fanpage Auto Repost Videos



is it possible with Jarvee to automatically repost videos on a Facebook Fanpage, when the source is another Facebook Fanpage? I tried and the repost works with campaings + destionation lists, but the tool doesn’t scrape the video.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!


Do you mean that you want to share a Facebook post from a page, and you want it to be shared by one of your pages, or on the wall of somebody elses page?

For the first part, it is definitely possible to share Facebook posts from a page, that is no worries. It’s within Campaigns>What to Publish>Share Post and add the Facebook Page to scrape from, or the post URL itself.

As for where you want to post it to, can you clarify? I think either option is probably possible.



thanks for the fast reply! Sharing worked for me but I don’t want to share. I want to scrape (download) posts from one of my other pages and then upload it again on my own.


Ah, I understand. Kind of like how Instagram reposts other account’s media as their own.

I’m not sure if it’s possible, or if it’s configured in the software - maybe. By its nature Facebook is a bit different in that way where things are shared rather than just reposted as original. Might just be worth asking the support team directly to be honest. It’s a software-related question and the response will be real quick.


I´m interested too. @admin please answer


@admin doesn’t appear to be a user account, so you won’t get a response from that. Maybe email support for a quick answer since this thread is inactive.