Facebook flagged my account as spam

Whenever i join a group, my request goes to spam ( flagged ) section for admin approval.
For group admin, my account group join request looks like this : http://prntscr.com/f3zspp
Facebook somehow figured out i am spamming groups.
But i never post more than 10 groups a day, keep my account as real as possible and always use spintext, also do various activity in it still facebook marked my account as spam.
can anyone give me advice please?

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maybe your spins aren’t that great?

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yeah that could be it, i will work on it.
anything else that i should keep in mind?

Always sending the same link? Somebody that has flagged you as spam? …

i use 1 domain for sharing in 5 accounts
i have total 45 accounts and 9 domain
my domains are working fine, then is it possible that they are flagged as spam?

What other activities you do on your accounts?

I always say you should make it look as human as possible:

  • One campaign, posting to text statuses and/or images once per day to to your walls.
  • Account actions tool to like posts from newsfeed and accept some friends
  • Comment&Like to like pages and posts from there. Maybe couple of comments per day too, just 2-3
  • Finally, night mode for your accounts, couple of hours when none of the actions will be executed

Do you do any of this?

Just got my new FB account back.


It looks like your account was suspended by mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience. You should now be able to log in.


It took weeks. Funny thing is that I had only opened it, no posts, nothing on it.

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Do you use Share Post from a Facebook Page or just copy/paste the link on groups?

@Adnan Have you had flagged accounts before? What would be the first reason facebook would flag you for joining fb groups?

Not in a way you have.

There’s bunch of reasons, who knows why exactly they did it. Maybe you were joining too many groups fast, maybe posted too much, maybe all you did was interacting with groups or in worst case, users do not like your posts and mark them as spam.

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@Adnan I just checked and have several flagged accounts. I will let them rest to see if Facebook unflag them. Also I will check if they are post ghosting as well… I guess all was because group members report my posts, and after that the accounts became flagged. Well that’s my theory.

Yes i do everything you listed above.
And i always spin the type of post i do on profile too. like one day it is sharing a post from page. another day it’s updating an status, the day after it is uploading a photo. and i always spin the sequence of that too.

  • I like and comment on more than 25+ post a day. am i doing this too much?
  • i have put all accounts on night mode for 10-12 hours.

I post my money link with a photo on page. then share that post from page to groups.

@arjun_suru I see, me too… I also got flagged today, have you checked if the accounts can still post on groups, or are they ghosted as well?

They’re not ghosted. they all can post well, even the domains are working fine. But what fb did is my post in groups are not getting any reach. Same post as my post in same groups getting more than 100 likes but my post gets 0 likes. My content is better than other people’s post in groups. I think fb is not blocking me from posting or anything, it lets me post to groups but won’t show my post to members in group.

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@arjun_suru I’m flagged too but members still can see my posts on the groups… maybe the admin of your group blocked you as well