Facebook frirens whitout BAN

Hello, can anyone give me some tips how to get fast real Facebook friends on my other profiles whitout get an BAN? Today fb ban me 3 accounts for sending only 1 friends request.


How old are those 3 accounts?

How many accounts do you have?

Are you using proxies?


Thes was accounts from 2016, us profile with us proxie (all 3 on the same proxie)…but i dont spam or something only send friend requests with the Browser of Massplanner.


based on my experience 100% of my accounts which were created or been using proxies got banned, talking about 50 accounts


Did you fill your account informations well? Added some pictures and posted some posts, did you warm it up?

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everyone clamming proxies are solution?
so what s the solution then?

Only 1 friendrequest shouldn’t be a problem. If you are new to Facebook, and make an account for the first time the first thing you do is to upload a profile photo and add some friends. You should be able to add 1 friend with a 5 minutes old account.

Probably it has something to do with proxies, or with having 3 accounts on 1 proxy.

There are three methods for getting lots of real friends that I know. If anybody knows some other methods please ad them here:

Method #1:

go to any Make Money Online group and like and comment on the posts. Marketers (like us) will kill themselves trying to become your friend. Don’t over use this method, but it works. 20-30 friends is enough for account to become stable.

Method #2:

set up a profile with a picture of an old lady. There are thousands of third world Casanovas who are trying to seduce these ladies for money or for entry visas. As soon as they discover you, you’ll get dozens of friend requests. Funny enough, they are not targeting young women, only old. Older the better.

Method #3:

Join some general group and comment & like other people posts. Many will ask you to become their friend. When their friends see that they friended you, they will ask you to become friend as well. So your friend lists starts growing naturally.


Thank you for this!

amazing share and info. keep up the good work guys

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