Facebook Group Marketers - let’s connect!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been learning/ researching and implementing building niche Facebook groups for lead gen. I’ve seemingly got this down to a basic science and I wanted to connect with other Facebook Group Community owners to share ideas and bring some value to this quiet niche.

Over the course of a month I was able to successfully bring in 260 highly engaged members to a niche Facebook community.

I was hoping to be able to connect with some more community builders, to share ideas or maybe even JVP up to do some lead gen🙌🏻


As long as you keep the discussion on the forum and don’t gather emails/ move to discord/skype or anything like that it’s all good :wink:


Hey Kalyn!

I currently have a FB group ~13.5k members. Before that one I had another that was 15.9k members but it was disabled.

Happy to share any knowledge I can or answer any questions.

Facebook groups are so powerful and one of the most underutilized forms of social media in my opinion.

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Yeah, if you keep it active, share good content, but also allow posting for members (filtering spam of course), engage with them… Groups can do wonders.

I saw what @Adi_Ankonina does in her Facebook group, and I think she’s doing a great job. I’m sure she can also give advice or two on this topic.


Respected, apologies for not clarifying I wanted to have the discussion openly here! :slight_smile:

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That’s really cool!

I couldn’t agree more, I had no clue the value of them until I literally had people asking me to sell them things in our community on constant basis.

I’m a bit tied up at the moment, however I’ll gladly share some techniques I have leverages soon! I appreciate you reaching out to share!


Yeah, i use mine for Lead Generation purposes and Facebook is one of my largest traffic contributors.

There’s really two ways to grow groups:

  1. Friend Request the user and then you can invite them to join your FB group. I highly recommend filtering these

  2. Rank your group for a keyword in search or in the suggested groups column. This is how I’ve grown my groups.

What topic is your group in @Kalynddougherty ?

@Adi_Ankonina does a great job with her Facebook group! However, Michael Sanchez is one of the best I’ve seen so far with his Tik Tok FB Group.

@Kalynddougherty Andrew Croeze is a good FB guru who has done $1M+ in sales with only organic traffic from FB groups, and I’d recommend you check out his paid course if you’re looking for a good one. When I personally launched the 1st ever course I made I generated over $6,000 from my group. I honestly don’t understand how people have successful businesses without FB :joy:

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Hey Kayln!
I am using like Paradox - keywords on the name of the group and try to make the group with at least 90% value so people will also invite their friends :slight_smile:
thank you @Paradox and @Stiletto for your good words,
I honestly didn’t automate the group and it’s working organically - https://www.screencast.com/t/AYDzvYDfkjU

but I’m sure that if I will make a few FB profiles and add friends from other groups and invite them to my group as @Paradox the growth will be much better.

One more thing I used to do with my CBD groups [but don’t tell!] I posted answers for people’s questions on this group with tools like https://shary.io/ or snip ly and nice cta to join the group. it’s not so cool but it did worked!


Hey guys, so this caught my eye, because I have been actively studying to find the best way to grow my Facebook Group. We have been around since December, 2019 - and have 2.3k members. I have experimented running Facebook Like campaigns and then inviting all the people that like my page to join the group. Even though I am able to get a high conversion on the FB likes, I have been having a lot of trouble getting people to actually join the group.

Here is the link to the group so you guys can check it out:

Essentially the group concept is just a community of artists and creators sharing what they create everyday.

I wanted to see your all’s opinion on the best way to grow a group like this?

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Love the concept!

I’ll share my group for critique

Currently lead gen’ing my facebook group for our paid Mastermind, we haven’t launched it yet, but as of now are doing free value events to give back to the current communtiy.

Hey Sam!

Love what you’re doing, here are a couple of things, just my 2 cents.

1.) Your cover photo doesn’t have any CTA’s in it. I’d highly suggest it. You can do this one of two ways

  • Edit it in Canva and do a short CTA there

  • Edit it in Canva with a “Click Here” and use the cover photo description

2.) DO A GIVEAWAY! We just launched one with only 100 members, and grew to 382 members in less than a week.

  • We Launched a Giveaway for an Amazon starter Podcast kit, in exchange each member had to invite 10 more relevant members. The equation went something like this.
    (bad at math so I’m going to 'splain it the way I know how)
    for every 30th new member, another would do the giveaway.

We set it up like this. We have a Singular “welcome post” It gives the FULL run down of Why, what,
how we are doing. This is not an announcement post either, so it floats around on the dashboard. We comment on this post and tag all new members, after tagging all the new members, I would comment telling them, how many people have applied for the giveaway, and how they could get involved.

So we got 200+ group members to join in exchange for $109 + Shipping. (podcast starter kit cost)

I am definitely no guru on this topic, but I am definitely the type of person to Try, fail then readjust. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hey Kalyn! I love the idea! My only question is, how do you get all of your members to see the post? I really feel like our reach is awful in the group. Whenever I make an announcement (even if it has no external links), we only get maybe 140 or so people that see the post?

Hey Sam! (also, seeing a ton of mispelling of my name, it’s Kalynd :wink: ) I’ll adjust my username

So engagement is always a fun topic/ creative topic. Here is what i’ve learned, if you aren’t an engagement expert (I sure as shit am not). Find the professional/ consult the professional.

If you are looking to get a quality result, you need to first identify if you are a professional or have notable experience in that subject… No? Okay, find the expert.

Next you to find where that expert lives, I found a few facebook groups that are created/ curated for group marketers, I joined their group and connected with ton of other facebook community group hosts who scaled their groups. Then just de-engineer what they did.

I can only speak for myself, but that’s whats been working for me!

The only benefit fo the Announcement is that it is pinned at the top. I honestly think the announcements get less reach than highly engaged feed posts in the group, but that’s just personal feeling and I don’t have tracked data to prove that. Usually, announcements only get a lot of reach if they are pinned at the top for awhile so they collect up impressions, reach, views, ect.

You can’t make every single group member see your post. It just isn’t possible as the algo will never show every single person the post.

There are tactics you can do however like:

  • Insert a call to comment “_____” or comment a gif, ect. (comments drive post up feed)
  • Do a Live before or after to let people know about the post
  • Setup an event, so they all get notifications in FB
  • Tag people (becareful, too much may hurt reach)
  • Comment from a couple of spam accounts to boost post
  • Post when group is most active with members
  • Use a WARNING EMOJI or ALARM emoji.
  • Send to a few friends asking to Like+Comment
  • So many more too…

This is my FB group btw you guys.

I like what you wrote in the bio and the overall message of the group for people to share and contribute their art!

A few recommendations:

  • Name: There’s really nothing searchable here which makes it harder to grow. Including “artists” may help so people searching for other artist communities can find yours :slight_smile:
  • Public: Your group is public and these groups are often filled with spam. Private groups are better imo and better for lead generation purposes as members need to join prior to seeing the content.
  • Moderation: Seems like there is a lot of self promotion and comment restrictions inside your fb group. I’d highly recommend cracking down and blocking any user who blatantly plugs their instagram’s everywhere to showcase their artwork as well as delete posts. Be strict! You don’t want your Artist group to turn into a Follow4Follow Artist group or follow train for artist.

Hope that helps!

Your group is private! Waiting to get accepted!