Facebook Group Post Limit per day


Hello everyone!

Quick question:
What is the limit in posting on FB groups?
Is it Ok for 1 account to Post on 50 groups per day?

Here’s the situation: I have this 1 account that has 1 fb page for my business. And i’m planning to share my page posts to 50 groups per day. Is this still healthy for my account? or are there going to be consequences?


You should gradually increase the number of posts per day.
Any spike is not acceptable for Facebook.

Also, do use the facebook for other activities too.
e.g: Like Random Post, Comment on some post, send message etc.


Yes, there will also be Likes, Comments & Messaging. But we’ll do that manual, we really value real engagement.

Do you have the numbers of frequency? Like how many times can i post in multiple groups per hour? and what would be the total limit per day?


That’s way too high.


What would be the safest number can you recommend?


I use 12 with aged fb accounts


12 is also high for me. It’s not 2015-16 anymore :frowning:

Do not directly post content on groups. Start with 1 post/1 group/1 day, and then increase it day by day. Before you do your next post, make sure you like the comments on your group post(which you’ve just published 1 day ago), plus like other post on same group.

Just posting on groups everyday without doing other activity will ban your account, no matter how much age of it.


With manual posting on my personal FB I was able to do 40-50 groups/day. But that was manually and the acc is super high trust and aged.


Thanks for the insight! How much are you posting now?


How many months have you been doing 40-50/day consistently? Are you still doing it now? We’ll also be doing this manual.


4-5 group post is enough for me.

It’s depend on content as well, and how many group users report your content. If everything is cool, then I don’t think FB have any problem wid that.


I have an account that posts to 35 groups that the account owns every weekend…


I did it for 3 weeks. Then I stopped cause the groups were saturated and I found a better strategy for what I was doing :slight_smile:


I personally post 50-80 posts per day but only one Auto approve groups.


Hi Grummel,

Can you detail what’s your strategy now?