Facebook group posting frequency

What seems to be the optimum frequency of posting to groups without Facebook restricting your account? I currently post to a new group approximately every 60 minutes. Anyone going faster than that?

It depends on age of your account, other activities, content you post.

If your account works 24/7, it means you’re posting 24 posts per day. That’s good, I would go up to 30,but nothing more than that.

If you want to reach more Facebook groups, then get more accounts.

20-30 posts per day per account is nice limit.

Thank you Adnan I would like to add a question to this topic, when you say ‘‘20-30 post per day per account is a nice limit’’ does that mean 1 account 1 group? or could be to many groups? that´s something am getting confused with. or 1 account 1 campaign? am a little lost with the terms still, thank you in advance :smile:

Better have 200 accounts with 20 groups each, than 20 accounts with 200 groups. That way you can post and dont risk limiting and banning…and see exactly what works and not

thank you! got it!

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