Facebook Group Posting Questions

I have search the forum thoroughly but could not find a clear answer for this specific question.

I have an aged account where I have joined over 100 groups already. I barely post to the groups. My question is: Can I post to each of those 100 groups one time daily?

Also is there a limit on how many times you can post to one group?

You’ll get banned.

Try posting to 10 groups daily using each account. If after a few days you don’t see any problems (captchas or others), increase from 10 to 11 for a few days, etc.
Go up to 15 per day, not more than that.


Posting to that many groups per day with just one account became mission impossible.

You’ll probably have to split it to 3 days, with delay of at least 20-30 mins between each post.

You can also get more accounts, 4-5 of them, and join same groups. Then spread posting across all accounts and post 20-25 posts per day per account.


I do have some accounts where I post in around 80 groups per day, but those are old accounts that have been doing this constantly ( and a lot more when Fb permitted it) with newer accounts or accounts that haven’t done this for a long time you’ll have a hard time and get blocked very fast, start as @benny adn @Adnan said, if you want to test how much you can go increase it with one account until you get a block from Fb, see what that limit is and post less than that.


Thanks alot for your response. I love the honesty. Don’t want to get banned. I already lost 30 Twitter accounts. Trust me it was devastating waking up to that…


That sounds like a good formula…thanks

Good luck @FrontPageVIP take it easy :wink:

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Probably a waste of time anyway.
Most groups have poor engagement, weed out the low performing groups.
Focus on quality over quantity, which will have the bonus of fewer groups to post in and less probability of getting banned.