Facebook group search location based

hey guys,

I am looking for somebody, who has a tool, where i can search facebook groups with different keywords and location. SO for example: “diet” & “U.K.” for example. So the tool should filter all groups with the topic “diet” from UK. It’s important for us, because we are based in an german speaking country in europe and, if we want to research groups from UK/Italy/France, we get a lot of other groups from US/North africa which also speak these languages. Has any of you a solution for that? (In case not, than i am looking for guys which are located in UK/Italy/france)

thank you and have a nice day.

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As I know there isn’t any option to search groups by location. But if there is a way for this I would be also interested in this.

Try searching for “diet city name”

Example: Diet new york, diet london etc