Facebook Groups 0 Reach on shared posts

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

facebook has done it again ! 0 reach on posts shared from facebook pages into groups:expressionless:. When you share your page post (video, image , text etc…) into groups, you’ll end up getting 0 reach and 0 engagement from the the actual groups. This means that your posts will not be shared into group members timeline. Even when your posts gets comments and likes from your own profiles (2-3 )

This has happened after ( June 14th) . I’ve also noticed that your posts won’t be recorded in your allactivity section as usual. Before 14th of june you would’ve been able to view all your posts shared into groups. But now its not shown in there.

So basically this means that no more page growth from sharing posts into groups and most importantly there will be drop in your page reach .

Anyone know how to overcome this problem? Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Yes. It started on all my accounts since Jun 14. I think you are right.

i was planning to Post valuable content into multiple Facebook Groups .
Do you mean , if we post in groups , it’s not being shown to members either?

yes. Its not shows to group members on their timeline.

I have no idea why facebook is doing this ! i mean the number of facebook users is decreasing day by day and if they reduce the chances for page growth, most admin will leave the platform. This will totally cause facebook to go down!

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but, Facebook is already going down, bro…

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yea as i said the number of "users is decreasing day by day ". They are not helping it at all. It seems someone who is anti facebook is in charge. They are favoring instagram in many ways. Not saying instagram doesn’t have restrictions but when it compared to facebook it has way way more relaxed policy .

I’ve seen instagram pages that post almost soft po rn videos, even on big pages like worldstar but insta don’t care. On other hand In facebook, i’ve seen verified model pages go down for less explicit images.

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Have you guys tried prompting readers to comment , tag ,etc. On the post to receive perhaps a freebie…
Seems like creating massive massive engagement on the post is the only way to gain any decent traction.

thats not gonna work for my need , but this method has been used for many years. Not sure if its works .

omg why i am here in this topic i am now creating a page and i want to grow it with groups but your topic i am disappointed

Sad to hear that :frowning_face: Well i guess now pages have to pay for advertisements , which not many will do :slight_smile:

are you sure is that true or juste it happen only for you

read above. or simply try urself by sharing a video into group and then visit your allcativity.

Someone have success sharing posts from page to groups?

It seems that there actually was a sharp drop in reach when sharing from fb pages to fb groups on June 14-15, but now everything is back to normal.

so you think that this problem of page reach is solved or what

Yes, it works fine now

I saw an article about the fact that the next Facebook gonna be fully about groups and friends do you think this will get a big bump to all who use for now the groups feature and does that mean it’s the end of pages in 2019/20 ? (Because i think it’s a big YES) and if so should i forget about growing my page and focus just on group growth ?

here is the link of the Article tell me what you think about all of that guys and how do you see facebook in this next years is it gonna be dead totally or survive and how it can survive :slight_smile:

Haha actually i don’t think it work now for me when i got to 10k automatically for no reason Facebook droped my reach by 90% i got from 150 likes in 1 hour to 5likes per hour :joy:

i really need your advice how you see the future of facebook like should we spend time effort and money on this platform who don’t care about their creators or switch to Instagram because it’s the real deal for now and the future ?