Facebook Groups Posting - How I do it and some questions

I am into Group posting well not a pro in posting into groups but i am actually doing Local and Client SEO from ages and recently started that FB Group posting .

2 months ago i heared about MassPlanner and started it with 100 accounts and and warmed them up , for a month , Joined groups and promoted Email submit offers .

Few things i did for posting in tons of groups :

  1. Used Alot of Domains + 3 to 4 subdomains on each domain

  2. Created a Page on niche of CPA offer

  3. Then i used a cloaker which changed preview image to some news page from BBC , CNN and then i Posted on page and then shared Page Post on groups and whooo it worked for me .

The only issue was i joined the groups not niche based , i just founded city + county names and grabbed all groups using MP group finder and those all groups were already spammed to death .

My question is , is there any better way to find good groups ? Also whats the different in Closed and Public Groups ?

My next plan is to only join Closed groups , it will take some time for acceptance but i am sure those groups are not spammed to death .

Also would love to get more ideas on how to post safely on more groups and other tips and tricks .


Bad title

I think it’s not a good idea to post like you do… especially posting to groups not niche related… maybe it is working for you right now, but i am sure it won’t work in the long run… As soon as people start reporting your profiles, and they will because you are posting non-relevant content to a lot of groups (it’s just a matther of time when those reports will start coming in), that’s when you will start getting problems with your profiles… you will start getting roadblocks from facebook and eventually if reports continue you will get your profiles disabled… There isn’t an easy way to get good groups… Me personally, i am using massplanner just to find groups, but after that i screen them manually and decide which one i choose to post to… based on rules each group has and also by following personal feeling i get about certain group is it good for posting to or not. I post with 20 accounts at the moment, on about 20 groups per each daily… so that’s around 400 posts daily… Also i am targeting groups to suit my niche by searching in massplanner groups in following way: “some commonly niche term from my niche” +“state or city name or part of country etc.”… I try to have at least 20 search terms for every time i am doing a search… When i get a big selection of groups then i do my screening… Hope that helps

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Look into facebook graph search, you can find exactly what you’re looking for if you know how to create the search phrase.

Agreed, edited it a little to be more precise :slight_smile:

Agreed, this might not work for long and you should do it only if you don’t care about the accounts as they will surely get banned at some point.

@Kay this is pretty much the shotgun approach, you spam everything you can and hope some of it works … it works, however it’s really not the best approach. It’s a lot better to target the groups and only post in relevant groups, it will take a little more work but the results will be a lot better and accounts safer for a longer period of time.

@Johnny using graph search is good to search for niche related more specific groups , but my issue is doing it manually for 100 accounts is a big headache

well unfortunately not everything can be automated. automation lacks quality, as it can’t really do quality checks, that is why you’re there so you’ll have to do it manually, take it in batches of 10 and you can do it. Btw, you don’t really need to do that foll 100 accounts, just do a better search, find a couple hundred groups then split them between 10 accounts or so. keep doing that until you’ve got groups for all of them.

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