Facebook groups question

Anyone use any efficient ways of organizing facebook groups?

I want to organise them by categories, members, and have admin names.

I notice that some groups don’t let you post, so i want to weed them out too.

I know MP lets you grab groups by keywords but I can’t see anywhere it shows you if you can post to them groups. Plus active groups filter. A lot of groups a pretty dead and pointless posting to.



You can give specific tags to your groups, and send the groups you don’t want to post to anymore to the ignore list.

Is it possible to reactivate them from the ignore list ?

I joined a group with two or three accounts, just in case an account get banned. I would like to ignore these groups for the account who just joined them as a backup.

Can I send the groups of the account I use as a backup and reactivate them once I need them ?

Thank you guys

Yes, you can. Just go to Social profiles, click on your account, go to Ignore tab and remove groups from there. Sync your account and they’ll be available for selection in Destination list again.

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Thanks @Adnan