Facebook has blocked my domain. Is all hope lost?

…They’ve removed my shop products, all of my previous page posts that contain the domain, and I can no longer post using that domain. I’ve had the account for around 3 years. Has this happened to anyone else and will it ever be possible to post with it again? If not, my ecommerce business is ruined…

You can appeal but in most cases FB will never answer or let you post it again. You need to look at cloaking/redirection so you never post the domain link again. FB will think the link goes to a clean site but the FB user will go to your store site. Losing domains is normal on FB. They want people to buy from FB advertisers and not be taken to non advertising stores.


Do you know your way around cloaking with FB? a thread in the forum about that will be very helpful to the rest of the community.

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@islandman1010 i agree with @Said. Can you offer a simple guide to help?

well can someone give a guide on what to do when facebook blocks your domain, relating to cloaking. I understand people are busy but It’s seriously unfair to give a taster for an answer and not further elaborate on the solution…

The easiest and cheapest way without any fancy programs or cloaking software is a double html redirect. Buy 2 of the cheapest domains out there. Anything will do, .info, .pw, .site… anything cheap and almost same names… such as mymoneysite.info and mymoneysite.pw. Now do this on domain 1. Add this html and get a load.gif image from Google… anything you want to use.

Put any message here such as ..loading database..checking location...etc etc .......

Now for domain 2 do this.

Use same message as above here .......

Upload both. Blocked domain is put in domain 2 above. Now go to Google and shorten first domain and watch Google preview image. If it shows domain 1 or 2 but not final domain then you are done. Now go to FB and use FB linter on the Google url… should also show domain 1 or 2 but not final domain. If you want to add any og tags to keep FB happy thats ok or you dont have to bother.

Done… now just use Google link for posting.

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