Facebook Influencer Viral Videos

I have a music video with Viral capabilities ready to drop later this week. In the past I have seen a music video get its first good push off being shared by a popular facebook page/influencer (which you pay a fee for) and then take off from there. My issue is I can’t find a good page that performs consistently or well enough to tell if it is real versus fake. How can I find a good Influencer to help share this video? also which is the best way to share the video that will give it the most reach and possibly convert to youtube subscribers. For example… posting the youtube link, uploading directly to the artist facebook page and then having other pages share that upload, have the page we are going to use upload it directly to their page. Just do an upload to a regular account. I figured at some point facebook stunts the growth because it wants you to use Ads to get a higher reach… But we just want a healthy account to help get the video its first 1,000 REAL shares and then hope it keeps going from there. that mixed with some reddit marketing and youtube optimzation and searches I think this video can do well. Let me know any advice you guys have Thanks!