Facebook + Instagram connection

Im very confused. I wanted to buy ads for one of my accounts, but it is somehow telling me that another Instagram account (that is true, its my main one) is connected to that facebook. Does that mean I need a new Facebook account for every Instagram account? This sounds ridiculous. When I click next there it wants to remove my main ACC from that and tells me

Your facebook account has already been used to set up your account overview with another Instagram account.

Did they really change it to 1 IG account per FB account? Before we could just create multiple FB pages on 1 FB account and that was enough.

That sounds really weird. I’ve never heard about such a thing but would really like to know other people’s experiences regarding that matter.

Do not worry about it brother. I can help you. This is for business accounts that have merged together.

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Really annoying, i had the same issue recently. Contact support and quote “it’s a business admin issue”.

How do you even contact the support?

You can also initiate a new chat via Redirecting... for real-time support.

you should have business support access for the same then you can speak there.

If that’s the case, I think they are now gearing towards using a different email for an FB account for managing a particular page instead of using one’s personal account.

Redirecting... here, they mentioned about converting the personal acct to a business one

Its a business account