Facebook Invite Friends to Page Problem

I have Facebook Pages with the Classik Interface that Invite People to Page Perfectly.
But all my pages that are in the New Experience Interface dont accept Invite from People.
I have tried different Facebook Accounts and different Facebook Pages…But no Luck.
If Facebook Account has over 3000 people it just crashes and with fewer people it gives the message
accounts send succesfully but this is never happening!
Can anybody help or give me a workaround solution for this?

Did you get any specific errors on the Dashboard Summary tab when you tried to invite friends to a new experience page?

I tried checking it manually and it asked to switch to a Profile Page first (with Friends) since the Page does not have any friends, so there will be no users to invite.

After it switched to the profile, the pop up window to Invite Friends to Page became available.

If the Facebook Account has over 3000 friends it just crashes (This has been triet out with several pc’s and with several browsers and with different new experience pages)
if the account has fewer friends it gives a succesfully message “Invitations sent”

But if you have for example
Sent 1000 over 2500 friends and you send them next day
You have again 2500 friends to send friend requests

You might have to change in classic mode

I am just reding this