Facebook is removing more ad targeting options

They’re not stating specifically which ones, but one of my ad account managers told me he got a notification with this link.

What do you think?


Very interesting… Was just at a local Google Ads meet-up. They had a talk about “PGM” - “pay google more”.

Google ads seems to get less options for targeting (especially with keywords broad & exact for now). - their prediction was that this will keep going as google will not grow in more searches in Europe.

Then they need new ad placements and or getting you to pay more per ad to keep shareholders happy.

I could definitely see the same thing happening on FB.
Lately using no targeting can work better than targeting on interests.

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I think it’s an easy way for them to up ad spend.

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Why do you think this would increase the ad spend?

Less targeting means that you need to ay more for the same results

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These may be new measures to protect the privacy of users, or simply to force you to spend more money to target the right people (if you have less opportunity to target the right people then you will spend more money to target them)

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