Facebook is showing wrong reach on page

In past I stopped using one of my page. I start posting on it before 3 days and what I found that every post reach is facebook showing is above 50k but page have only 1.5k followers.
If that reach would be real, post should get more likes but posts are only getting around 15-20 likes no matter how best is the post.
This thing is completely out of my mind.

How many shares you have on this post, maybe you shared this post in groups and FB is giving you that reach

Zero share
post must be 13 chach

Can you click on that reach to open detailed statistics?

yup, now that reach is 97k.

I really don’t know. My theory (only a theory) is that Facebook might be a group of assholes. They are probably using a misleading definition of reach to make you think it’s higher than it really is. Thus they can advertise “promote this post and reach 9253024092 people” and lure you to pay up.

It looks crazy to me.