Facebook Jarvee settings


Anyone interested in sharing some Facebook Jarvee settings that work for them? I also had a tough time getting logged in and authenticated. Any help would be appreciated!!


Everything you need is right on this forum! https://mpsocial.com/search?q=settings%20category%3A5


To be fair, most discussions for Facebook are quite outdated, from what I’m aware of anyway. Some might be still fine, but some stuff is from years ago when posting heaps in groups was possible. Now those limits are much more tough. I’m not focusing on Facebook now though. But I’d double check any of the settings suggested from the past and ensure they’re still current.


Is anybody focused on facebook? maybe they could provide some settings that worked recently.

I am doing 30 posts a day with a 2 hour sleep after 5-10. No Problem yet.


I miss the good old days, where you could post to over 1, 000 fb groups a day with no problem