Facebook just got clobbered with a record $5 billion penalty over the Cambridge Analytica data breach

Facebook still profited from this though, their stock went up 10B that day.

Some changes Zucc has to make and good for us IG Marketers:

  • Clearly alerting users and getting affirmative consent before using facial recognition.
  • Establishing and maintaining a new and comprehensive data-security program.
  • A ban on taking users’ phone numbers for security purposes and then using them for advertising"
  • Hopefully all these events take away their attention from us IG Marketers.

I just hope they won’t make any new updates on Instagram, I had enough updates for the whole year…


This is merely a slap on their wrist. It was approximate it that at the end of this year they will produce the money to pay the penalty + they will have some profit beside that.

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ohhhh shit here we go again… they will take it on us , put us in more pressure. get ready guys. Low reach is coming.

$5 billion is pennies and anything but a clobbering.

Heard the average claim settlement was $20,000.

lol low reach is already here

This is not the first time and will not be the last time they get in trouble. Just the biggest.

LMFAO the sad thing is that i said the same thing to my friend 4 years ago. Guess what happened … the reach got lower and lower and lower every year

LOL. When Facebook makes money with loosing money. I want to be in that position. :smile:

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