Facebook Keeps Blocking my Ad Payment Method

This is going to give me a nervous breakdown I think!

We create a facebook advert account, try to add a bank card, then facebook automatically flags it as Suspicious, then that’s game over for that account, and that card.

We upload passport photos and send mesages but nothing works.

I live in Mozambique, but my card is from the UK (I’m from the UK), I think that’s why they flag it. We tried setting up a fresh account under a proxy in the UK, using a new bank card, same thing. They mark the account as suspcious and block the card, so I can’t use that card on any further accounts (I am running out of bank cards).

Setting up a paypal per card and trying again may be an option but we haven’t got it working yet as they don’t seem to offer paypal as an option.

Any help / advise would be immensely appreciated on strategies on how to get an ad account set up no issues!!!

It’s an insane situation really, we’re making every effort to give them money, buying new account, buying UK proxies etc., but they just won’t let us in!!!
:frowning: :frowning:

Weird, I had the option to pay with PayPal last time I checked.

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I know, so weird!

Yes this doesn’t work, and i’ve sent in my passport, so I think I’ve been flagged or somehting now, so any account I try to create now gets nailed!!! Soo annoying, never even posted one ad.

To make an ad account there is much more to it.
Clean prefeably residential proxy.
Legit activity couple of weeks to couple of months.
Payment method should not be some abused vcc or gift card, but legit (paypal works)
Unique photos etc

Sorry to say you won’t have no luck with Facebook.

I run a Social Media agency in the UK, and a few disgruntled customers of one of my government funded clients got reported for posts we were sponsoring. Because of this they have suspended my advert account that runs all of our clients pages. I’ve spoke to several people at facebook business and they just say they will not lift it even after explaining situation. I’ve even wrote to Facebook as suggested by them at their HQ in Dublin Ireland and not heard a thing back. Our client has also done this too with no response and the Facebook chat business advisors are no help at all. We can no longer boost posts for our clients and we have tried adding several cards on that account and other accounts with other peoples details and different IP address etc but still same thing happens every time.