Facebook keyword tool

Is there a chrome extension that gives alerts for certain keywords that are posted in Facebook groups?

Never heard of one…

What are your intentions with those posts? Comment on them? Send user a message?

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i want to get alerts when certain keywords like “keto” are mentioned. that way i can go to that post and interact with people who are interested in my “keto” products. same like if i sell “website” design. then id look for when folk are asking for a “web designer”. save time from searching in groups daily for these keywords/ i just go to the post when the alert pops up. just like how we can get alerts from craigslist when certain keywords show up in posts.

I dunno about tool that will give you instant alerts, but with Jarvee you might be able to do something…

There’s Comment&Like tool in Jarvee, you can use it to like posts or comment posts in groups. Also there’s option to like or comment only on posts that contain specific keyword. This is what you can make use of. Set your keyword and Jarvee will go through group’s post and like those that have your keyword in it, then you can check results and visit post’s link.

Or you can comment on them on auto and offer whatever you want to offer to users.

There isn’t any such kind of tool yet.

flash-leads dot com will get you instant notifications and they have the cheapest pricing I have found.

The time has come. flash-leads dot com. Check it out.