Facebook limits . please help me. anyone else faced this issue before?

Hello. I shared the same posts in different places and Facebook restricted me to post in groups ,even in my own group. How long it may last? Almost 7 days passed by,but not any result and by the way,I have never had any restriction or punishment before. So,I thought it might last for 3 - 4 days. But still same.

How many times did you posted on that same day and how often? Were you using some kind of links maybe? Did you rest the account completely or just didn’t post for 3-4 days?

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Hi. I have a page and group. I posted the same content on my page ,it was not a link, it was just a photo that I made myself (no copyright). Then after 2- 3 seconds I posted it on my page. And received this notification. Now I cannot post in my group. But I can post on my page and timeline. I didn’t stop my activity ,I still share 3 posts on my page. Should I stop it?

I never had situation where I can post on one destination and cannot post on some other destination. When I wasn’t able to post, I was restricted to post to any destination. Were you posting to your group as your profile or as your page?

I post in my group with my profile. But now I cannot pist in my group as well in others. I can post only on my wall and page. But I avoid it,because maybe I should not be as active as before. A week passed by (7 days), but I still can’t post in groups. I know it was my fault,I did not take a break between my posts. So, the machines thought I was spamming . But I don’t know how long it lasts. Some people say 7 days, some 14, some 30. I am confused.