Facebook low reach since april

Hi, since April this year reach on my links stops 15 minutes after posting that link on my pages
Whole 2019. and until april this year I had 150.000 - 200.000 visits to my website, but now I can’t make 10.000 visits to website…When I publish link, it will have 100-200 users real time, and after 15 minutes it drops to 2-3 users, and thats it for reach also, it will have 1k reach in first 15 minutes and then its max reach is 1500. Did anyone else had this problem?

To be honest, even this

surprises me. Facebook started decreasing reach for pages long time ago. Especially for links.

How many pages you have and how many fans in total?

I have 5 pages - 700.000 likes + 15 another pages (I publish another domain on these) - 600.000 likes
I know Facebook is decreasing reach, but in my case Facebook is stoping reach after 15-20 minutes, fully stops… For example posts from yesterday are not getting any clicks, they will maybe get 10-20 clicks… It doesn’ matter if post has 0 likes, 100 likes, 200 likes, same thing every time.

For example this post, this is good post as you can see:

Currently 0 people on this post

better just follow their algorithm , you want ads/adbreaks… i think best is to have a page; if you want organic opt for personnal profiles its far more better reach , and you will be 100% safe for the longterm by staying away from their daily reminders of boost page with ads

so best is if after you tried manytimes and concluded its not worth put a boosted ad to target your fan base and tell them to follow your new personnal profiles and scale it