Facebook making it too difficulte / You can't log in at the moment /

Facebook Pisses me off !!!
Nothing Works Proxies, VPS. Slow action, Old accounts whatever U Done U gotta Upload a Photo and soonest U upload it account is disabled.

Honestly i read too much and attempte different ways but never managed to make again

Anyone can help?
one important note which i observed all .exe are easily detected

please professional markter and expert at social media step in and try to give us a Hope

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you need aged facebook account
and give it some activity it will work

activity i am doing is spamming groups and updating statu and comments and afew likes
even through it gets disabled and it shut down
while old accounts are being asked to uplaod a photo? so over 20accounts are off because it requiere to upload a photo

Yeah, FB is not hard. Problem is your mindset.

You are putting yourself under the pressure to make money ASAP and you are trying to work fast towards your goals. Exactly opposite to that an average FB user, who is completely laid back and he/she is never in a hurry and he/she only checks what’s going on from time to time. If you work fast you stick out as a sore thumb to FB algo.

I currently have about 10 FB accounts, and I probably lost 15+ accounts to get there. That’s how it works.

I am pretty sure I am expert on FB accounts and I am still loosing accounts here and there. That’s just how it is.

FB doesn’t have much of an security algo. FB just puts random obstacles in your way and they wait to see if you’ll resolve them.

I can give you a sort of a short guide of what works for me, about 80% of the time (not 100% of the time):

  1. Behave as a regular person NOT LIKE STRESSED MARKETER …
  • WORK SLOWLY = make lots of brakes between actions. Brake being 2-3+ minutes.
  • Never ever change proxy on an account.
  • Never, ever delete cookies.
  • buy private dedicated proxies from buyproxies.org. And tell them that it is for FB. When your proxy gets busted by FB ask buyproxies.org to replace them. They’ll do it free of charge, in less than 5 minutes :wink:
  • upload 2-4 photos of a person, not more. If you have more, keep them for FB’s photo requests.
  • do lots of casual actions. Casual action being something very social, like liking dog/sports/TV drama pictures & videos. Or posting memes on your timeline.
  • keep the ration between casual & commercial actions about 1:1,
  • always register SIM card that you control, because, sooner or later FB will ask for Confirmation Code.
  • always fill the profile,
  • do lots of Messenger chats with other people. Bots don’t chat, people do. More chats, make FB’s AI more certain that you are not a bot.
  • do less actions on recently re-activated accounts and more actions as your account grows. So, increase your activity very slowly, till you reach a level where FB trust you (approximately about 6-8 logins, in less than 2 weeks). The biggest mistake I personally make is, I buy new account and than start doing lots of actions fast. I always get slammed by FB. Keep it slow in for the first 5 logins, than slowly speed up.

I find a little difference between aged and non-aged accounts. Taking into account that aged accounts cost five times more, I would rather go for non-aged. Most important thing is to work slowly and have brakes between actions.
Hope this helps.